Friday, July 09, 2010

Keeping cool

With temps in the mid to high 90s this week, and crazy humidity thrown in, we had to find creative ways to keep cool! Jim rigged up a waterslide on our deck for the kids (and of course we grown-ups had to try it out, too . . . and I can tell you, it was wonderful!). Josiah was a little too scared to go down by himself, but he was fine if Jim or I held him. As you can see, Sam and Julia had no problem being brave enough to slide by themselves. :)

How did the rest of you beat the heat this week? I'm sure thankful for slightly cooler temps today!

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Mrs.T said...

Sure does look refreshing!

I've been keeping cool by the occasional submersion in the backyard pool -- and also by using the oven as little as possible. Recently I've made baked beans and stuffed peppers in the microwave. Both turned out very well!