Friday, June 11, 2010

We've got babies!!!

(Baby robins, that is!)

Guess I spoke too soon when I said they hadn't hatched yet! I never checked the nest yesterday, since it was rather rainy all day. I wish I had, now . . . I would have liked to get a peek at the hatching process! I figure they must have hatched sometime between Weds. night and this morning. It's interesting to me that even though the eggs were laid on three consecutive days, they all hatched at the same time (or at least close to it). Maybe this is normal . . . obviously I'm no expert on robins! :) They are such bald, ugly little things right now, but I know they will get cuter. I plan to take pictures of them every day so we can keep track of how fast they grow. What a fun summer "science lesson!" :)


Mary Ann said...

Yay for baby robins! Thanks for sharing this science lesson with us, too!

Mrs. Doug said...

So cute. We had a hen that hatched 4 chicks last week. They are cute too. I just love this time of year. I think there's a chickadee nest in our birdhouse. I haven't had the time yet to sit and watch, but a couple days ago there was a chickadee just above the house on a wire with some sort of bug in her beak.

The aprons are just wonderful.

Yes, it will be sad to see the fabric go from our Walmart. When they cleared out in Claremont they kept a very small selection. Maybe they'll do the same in ours.

I'd say 4 aprons is a good bit of sewing when you're also taking care of little ones.

Happy summer.

Mrs. D