Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catching up . . .

So, I've been kind of absent from the blogging world lately! I have lots to chatter about, just not enough time (or I'm not organized enough) to sit down and post about it. :) But it's high time to write something, and since I'm sitting up late tonight waiting for our friends to come back from Boston and claim their sleeping 3 year old from our couch . . . what better, uninterrupted time to blog?! :) (By the way, they didn't ask me to stay up . . . they said we could just go ahead and go to bed . . . but I just want to make sure the little guy doesn't fall off the couch or anything! :) And plus, I haven't pulled an all-nighter--or at least, a late-nighter--for a very long time, so it's kinda fun for a change!)

Let's see, what's been going on around here? Well, our baby birds haven't hatched yet . . . I think that if they're actually going to hatch, it should happen sometime this weekend. It'll be two weeks tomorrow that the first egg showed up in the nest. The mama birdie has been quite faithful to stay on the nest, except when some of us come out on the deck and startle her, so hopefully the eggs have stayed warm enough. I'll keep you posted (with pics, of course) if anything happens!

Last Saturday we went to a graduation party for our friends' twin daughters. So much fun! The highlight for the kiddos was catching frogs and toads in their pond. Here's Sam with a toad:My sewing spree last week went pretty well, although as usual, I had bigger ambitions than I actually had time to accomplish. I completed these two aprons (grad. presents for the twins) and have almost finished the third (which will be just like the blue one pictured here). Hopefully next week I can tackle some of the other projects that are on my list! I decided to make these reversible, and was pleased with how they turned out. I definitely have to make one from this pattern for myself, after I'm done making them for gifts! :)I found out today that our Walmart is going to be getting rid of all their fabric within the next 5 weeks. Major bummer! I knew this was coming, but wasn't sure just when. At least they're marking everything down--hopefully I can pick up some great bargains during the last 2 weeks, when everything is down to 75% off! But it's going to be sad to have to drive 1/2 an hour to buy fabric now. :( I've been spoiled for the past 7-ish years that we've had Walmart here!

I realized that I completely forgot to post pictures of the garage Jim (and a few helpers!) finished a few weeks back. Here it is (framed):
And again (completed):The owner will be installing a garage door (or maybe has already), but this was how it looked when Jim was done with it. I think he did a great job! If you think of us, pray that more work comes along quickly! He has a few little projects to do, but still nothing big yet.

And I suppose . . . since it's almost 1 am and I'm not thinking very coherently anymore . . . I will save the rest of my chatter for another day! :) Hope you're all having a wonderful week!!


Mary Ann said...

It's good to get some news from you, Carrie. Your aprons are fabulous! I have one that is reversible that I love that Roxanna Holliker made for me (remember her?). She's a fabulous seamstress. So sorry about your walmart ditching their material. That's a major bummer.
Jim's garage looks great. I love the wood look rather than siding.
I will pray that the Lord provides him with some good projects soon.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!Your aprons are very pretty.I wish I could sew like that.The ruffle at the bottom adds such a nice touch.~Nikki

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your aprons! They are just beautiful! When I was little I loved to go to my great-aunt's and wear her aprons, I have two that she made me over 20 years ago - :( that sounds old :(
My hubby really liked Jim's garage! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Our robins look like it won't be long till they fly away - so we will enjoy watching yours grow :) I think you have a better viewing spot.
Your pie in the last post looked so yummy.
Enjoyed reading your blogging spree:) Hope it goes on for awhile:)

Anonymous said...

Yes it is pretty bad that Walmart won't be selling fabric anymore...I have made a whole lot of my clothes from the fabric that Walmart had just five or so minutes away from my house but now they are not going to be carrying it anymore....that is just not so good if you are to ask me what my opinion it about all of that....