Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dress for Sale!

OK everyone, I know I don't typically use the blog to try to sell things, but I'm going to make an exception this time. I have this nice dress for sale, if anyone happens to be interested. I've tried selling it on Ebay and Craigslist, to no avail, and I guess my next stop will be the consignment store! Jim bought me this dress for Mother's Day. It was totally my fault because I really thought I would like it. I got it on a fantastic going-out-of-business sale at Barrie Pace. It was originally priced at almost $200, and we paid around $20, including shipping. At the time I failed to realize that we couldn't return it if I didn't like it (because it was a final sale). It turned out not to look as nice on me as it did in the picture. :( (Well, Jim and the kids say it looks fine, but it's just not "me.") So . . . maybe it looks like something one of you guys would like! And if not, that's fine, too. Please don't buy it unless you really like it! :)

The dress is 100% silk, fully lined, size 10. It has a fabric covered belt to match. It comes to around mid-calf length on me and I'm average height (5'4"). The neckline is a little low; if I was wearing it I would want a cami or tank underneath for modesty. You can check out sizing info and see another, better picture of it on a model here (but keep in mind it looks a bit different in person--longer and fuller--and the belt is different). I'd like to sell it for $20, including shipping, to anywhere in the USA, but I'd also be willing to listen if someone wants to make a lower offer. :) Anyway, let me know if you're interested by leaving a comment on this post, or send me an email at jimandcarrie99 AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

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