Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Robins, Day 11

I was so busy making jam today that I didn't have time to get a good picture of the robins while the daylight was at its best. Sadly, this is the best shot I got . . . and it only shows two of the birdies. The other little guy was facing the other side of the nest. From now till they fly, I don't think they'll probably look a whole lot different. I would love to get to watch when they take off, but we'll see if I get that opportunity. From what I have read, they should leave the nest when they're around 14 to 16 days old. So they will probably only be here until the weekend at most. I'm going to miss them!! I'm curious to see if the mama and papa robin decide to use this nest again for their next brood. Don't worry . . . if we get more baby robins, I promise I won't document their entire life on this blog. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I hope you get to see the robins take off - we saw 2 of our 4 go :) It was really neat. We enjoyed watching yours grow day by day. After ours all left I took the nest out in hopes of helping my geraniums do a little better. This morning mama robin is repairing her nest :) Thankfuly the flowers atleast got turned to face the sun:) We are looking forward to watching it all again.
How did jam making go? -Joey

Mrs. Doug said...

Looks a little crowded in that nest. Amazing how God created the Robin to make that nest only just so big. Keeps the babies warm and cozy when their small, but forces them out when they get big.

We had Robins that kept trying to raise a family on our porch... right over the door. That would have been OK except for the mess. Then when the babies got out of the nest the they hopped around for a time and this made them quite vulnerable for our cat, who thought it great sport to chase them around and have a birdie snack. Well we brought the cat indoors until they got away. In the future we discouraged the Robins from coming back, though they tried to several more times after that. I do hope you have a second family.