Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Robins, Day 14: Bye Bye, Birdies!

This morning when I went out to take a look at the nest, this is what I found:
I'm not sure when the first one took off, but apparently it was pretty early. I was sad to have missed it! We had rain showers off and on throughout the day, and I figured I wouldn't get to see any of them fly . . . but amazingly, I happened to be out on the deck when the second one took off, just after lunchtime! It was so fun to watch that first wobbly flight. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of it!

So then just this little guy was left.
I think he took off around 2:30 pm. I had been checking every now and then, and he was chirping quite a bit, then I suddenly didn't hear him anymore. I went out to look around, and saw that he'd flown to a nearby rock. I walked over closer and he flew up into a tree. So I guess I got to see his second flight. :)

Here you can see one of the babies perched in a tree. This was the second one that left the nest.
The past two weeks have been so much fun. I'm so happy that they all survived and are now out exploring the big wide world. :) I'm glad you guys were able to share this experience with us!


Carrie said...

how neat! I have enjoyed watching them

Mary Ann said...

I'm so glad you got to see them take off! Recently I had decided we had a bird's nest somewhere in the leafy tops of our trees in front of our house. I never have seen the nest, but man! do those little guys squawk! Mike saw one of them on it's first flight yesterday when he came home from work. I came outside to see why he wasn't coming in & then we both got to see the little dude take off - definitely wobbly! I was so glad to see him up off the ground & away from the stray cats that roam around our neighborhood. So fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I am so glad you got to see some of your babies leave the nest.:)What a great way to start the summer.A neat science lesson for your kids too.I always love a good learning experience for our kids.God is so good to let us enjoy part of His creation right in our own yards.
Thank you for sharing your bird posts with us.It has been fun to check in each day and see how they grow.~Nikki

Anonymous said...

We have been enjoy watching your birds too. Thanks for doing all the blog posts.