Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Robins, Day 10

I've had some questions about where exactly the nest is, in relation to our deck. So I finally remembered to take a picture of it from below! Actually this was taken earlier this week--I think if I took one now, you might be able to see the robins from this angle, too. You can see why we have such a great view of them through the crack!
They are even more fluffy today than they were yesterday. It won't be long now till they are full-fledged birdies. (I now understand a lot better what that term "full-fledged" actually means!)
If you click to make these larger, you can see the details of their feathers better. So amazing. If you look closely in this picture, to the right of the nest you can see something clear sticking out from it. I think it's a piece of plastic or tape or something that they must have found lying around the yard, and used it in their nest.

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TwoMuths said...

These pictures have been so fun to look at! :-)