Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Beauty is all around us, in so many forms. And sometimes, God gives us an up-close look at a special, unique beauty, such as that found in this little guy that Jim discovered on our deck today.
This is only the 2nd time that I have seen a luna moth in "real life." Isn't he gorgeous?! I love how he is so intricately made to look like a branch with leaves. And his antennae look like tiny ferns.

This is what he looks like underneath. A softer, filmier shade of green.
How can anyone look at this (or anything in nature!) and not believe in a Master Creator?
I am thankful for this lovely glimpse of beauty today.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for sharing! What beautiful pics. I've never seen a luna moth in real life but I imagine they are breathtaking. You are right; how can one deny an almighty Creator when they observe the beauty all around?

Alicia said...

GORGEOUS! I've never seen a luna moth in real life. How cool!

mindee said...

I just discovered a luna at our house yesterday. I'm not a huge moth fan, but I have to admit they are beautiful.

Mrs.T said...

Just gorgeous! I had not realized that about the brown at the top that resembles a branch, nor that the antennae look like tiny ferns. God is just amazing!

Kara said...

The luna moth is beautiful! We've never seen one in real life. My Adam just asked if we could there (meaning your house to see the moth. :)