Monday, April 12, 2010

Weighing in: Week 8/9

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Well, last week wasn't such a great week for me! I didn't gain any, but didn't lose any either. (Can I blame the birthday? :)) I really slacked off on the exercise last week, aside from two rather strenuous hikes that we took on our "mountain" out back. This week I'm hoping to get back on track with that, and also with drinking enough water. Lately I've only been getting in about 2 bottles' full (around 48 oz.) rather than 3. And I have no excuses, since Jim got me this really awesome water bottle for my birthday! :) I have been doing pretty well keeping away from sweets, snacks and seconds (except on the weekends), but I need to really work on my portion control again. I tend to really load up the plate when I know I can't have seconds! :)

So, my goal for this week is to lose at least a pound, and to work on the things I just mentioned. I'm still hoping to lose 3 more lbs. by the end of this month! Thanks to everyone who continues to share their progress, and keep up the good work!! Let's encourage each other! :)

And now . . . I just filled the crockpot with lasagna for supper, and I am off to scrub my bathroom floor! Hope you're all having a wonderful day!

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Mary Ann said...

Ok Carrie, I've got some Good, Bad, & Ugly Truth to share.
Good: I exercised six days last week. I also drank lots of water. And a tighter fitting pair of jeans seemed looser on me. I think maybe I'm toning up some?
Bad: I didn't do well with sweets. At all. I also didn't get enough sleep.
Ugly: The scales put a big old hate on me & inched up a couple of pounds.
Here's hoping for better. I seem to start the week well & crash & burn on the weekend.
I hope you're having a great week!