Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think Spring!!--Giveaway #2

And here is Giveaway #2! This is a “Busy Mom’s Bible” from Zondervan Publishers. Isn’t it so pretty? Love the pink! A few weeks back, Zondervan was giving away a bunch of these and I actually signed up in time to get one. Not that I needed another Bible, but I thought it sounded nice, and I knew it would make a nice gift (or giveaway!). It turned out that I decided to use it for the giveaway . . . it’s an NIV, and personally I prefer the KJV or ESV, but I thought there might be some of you who like the NIV best and would really enjoy this Bible a lot! Or, perhaps you could use it as a gift for a busy mom that you know! :)

I really like how this Bible has a bunch of little devotional sections scattered throughout, focusing on different topics. Each section is made up of 4 smaller sections (2 on each side of the page), which each contain a verse or passage, a thought for reflection and prayer, and another paragraph which points to more verses on the same topic for more in-depth study. I thought this was an awesome idea; kind of like having a little devotional book/study guide built right into the Bible! Topics range from "God Is . . . " to "Your Marriage" . . . to "Your Identity in Christ" . . . to "Raising Your Kids" . . . and many more!To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this post (and if you’d like, tell me what your favorite Bible version is, just for fun!)

*This giveaway will be open until midnight next Wednesday, March 24th. I'll try to announce the winner on Thursday, or Friday at the latest.*

**My apologies to my overseas friends, but I’m going to have to make this a “US only” giveaway, just so I can ship more cheaply--sorry about that!**


MaryAnn said...

My favorite version right now is the ESV or the NKJV> I just got an ESV so I'm still kind of getting used to it.
Since I someday hope to be a mom I guess I would like to have a chance to win a mom Bible :-)

Alicia said...

My fave version is the NIV. So easy to read but some verses will always be KJV in my mind! It's so hard to memorize verses I knew in KJV in the NIV now! Thanks for the chance to win -- that pink is mood-brightening!

Kara said...

We really like the ESV, too!
(But I'd take a free pink NIV :)

Arlene Grimm said...

My favorite version is the NIV...easy to understand and our church uses it. I try to read different versions for my read thru the Bible that I try to do each year. I have used KJV, The Message and The Living Bible. I have to say that for the psalms and the Christmas story in Luke, I must have KJV...wonderful words of life!