Friday, March 05, 2010

Our Firstborn

Six years ago, I became a mommy. I remember the day like it was yesterday . . . it happened to be a Friday, just like today. To my great surprise, my water broke at 6 am (three weeks before my due date), although labor didn't really pick up till noon. Five and a half intense hours later, we were holding our tiny newborn son. So much love . . . so much joy . . . so much thankfulness. We named him Samuel ("asked of God"), but we have called him Sam almost from the beginning. It just fits him better. :)

A lot has happened in the years between then and now, and it's hard to believe that this tiny person has now become this big, independent, opinionated person. :) He still brings so much love, joy, and thankfulness to our lives . . . as we watch him grow, learn, stretch his wings, become more tender to the things of God . . . as we've watched him become a big brother twice over, learning to care for others and be more thoughtful.

He is such a special kid. I'm so blessed to be his Mommy. Happy Birthday, Sam!!!


Mindee said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!! :)

Mrs.T said...

Yes, indeed. Happy, happy 6th birthday to Sam!

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday to your big guy! What a fun smile he has! I hope you had a great time celebrating him!