Monday, March 30, 2009

Works of God Monday: Praising and Praying

Today, I wanted to share a few things I am praising God for, and also some things I am praying for. First, the praises:

*God's gift of new life. We just found out this weekend that my sister and her husband are expecting their third baby!! And we also found out that some good friends at church are expecting their first!!

*God's provision for us. This has been a very slow winter for Jim, work-wise, but God has seen us through. He allowed us to have a decent amount of money set aside in our "emergency fund" and has provided a few smaller jobs here and there, too. Only by His grace have we been able to pay the bills and have all our needs provided, over and above what we could ask or think. :) We are thankful!

*My sewing machine. OK, this sounds a bit frivolous, I know . . . but I truly am thankful to have a good machine and the ability to sew. Seriously, have you all seen how nasty the little girls' fashions are getting (particularly when they get to about size 7-8)? I don't have to worry about that yet, but I see a day coming where I will likely have to sew more and more clothes for Julia. And of course I'll be buying used clothing when I can, too.

So those are a few things I'm praising God for His working in. And here are a few things that I'm praying for God to do a special work in:

*Baby Stellan's health. Some of you may already follow this blog, but I just found it last week through Confessions of a CF Husband (which you may remember me linking to in the past). Anyway, Stellan is a 5 mo. old baby who is very sick with some serious heart problems right now. His story has really touched my heart and I am praying, along with hundreds of others, for God to heal him.

*A busy summer for Jim. As I mentioned above, this winter has been difficult. Jim has been searching out lots of job ads, but most everything is down by the Mass. border, too far to commute every day. Last week he applied for a maintenance position at a local summer camp; we are waiting to hear if he'll get an interview for that or not. He also just put in a bid on an addition job, so we will see what happens there. It is often hard not to get impatient, but we know God has a plan for us, and His timing is perfect!

*Our state and nation. NH is currently trying to pass a "Genderless Marriage" bill, which has already been approved by the Senate, amended by the House, and is now back to the Senate. And I won't even get started on our national government. It's frustrating and very discouraging to see our liberties being attacked and taken away, bit by bit, and to see our moral foundations eroding. Yet I know God is in control, and maybe He'll use rough times nationally to bring about a great revival, as He's done in the past. At least, it is something we can pray for!!

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Elisha said...

I totally agree about the little girls clothing. Even now I have a hard time finding long enough dresses for Hailey. I have done a little sewing but I know I need to start doing more and getting proficient so that I can quickly and easily make up dresses and jumpers for both she and Keira as they grow.