Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Countdown--December 20

Five more days. Yikes!! And today was not as profitable as I hoped! I say that every day, though. :) Anyway, I made fudge today, which made my family very, very happy! Especially this boy who got to lick all the cooking utensils--here you can see marshmallow fluff all over his face. :) I also listened to Christmas music on the radio all day, and of course the weather felt very Christmas-y, so that was nice. I put the finishing touches on another little gift for our older nieces. My sister-in-law Joanne had the very nifty idea of printing out paper dolls from this site, as an easy and inexpensive gift. I printed out a set for each girl, put them in folders, and embellished the front using art off the website, and rickrack. I was really happy with how they came out!Tomorrow is looking iffy as to whether we go to church or not (supposed to get more snow). So I may have extra time to put into things like wrapping presents. At any rate, I hope to spend the afternoon doing that, and enlisting Jim's help! :)

So, how are all your preparations going? I've decided that Christmases are easier when I don't have a nursing baby and a potty training child, not that I would trade them in for an easier year, of course! But there are lots of interruptions these days!


Mrs.T said...

Oh, let's see... what have I accomplished in the past few days? Finished several handmade gifts and started several more. Baked more cookies. Packaged up fudge and cookies for faraway friends and loved ones. Wrapped some gifts. Got 3 Christmas packages ready for the post office. Wrote several Christmas cards; taped up some of our newly arrived cards in the front hallway as usual. Planned the menu for Christmas dinner. Created 2 handmade gifts for the names we drew at church; wrapped one of them (paint still drying on the second one, so will wrap that tomorrow). Went to a fun Christmas party last evening -- yes, in a blinding snowstorm! Made up some hot chocolate for gifts. Listened to Christmas music all day. And probably more that I've forgotten about!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, Carrie...I am SO behind. I haven't wrapped a single gift. I have 2 more to buy. I was trying to finish a cross stitch project & it's just not going to make it. My plan is to wrap what I have done & ask for it back so that I can finish it. So tacky, but it's for my aunt & uncle & I know they won't mind. Plus, Mike & I haven't firmly decided where we are going to be when. His family & my family have everything simultaneously. Not so easy to figure out that way ;-)

Mrs.T said...

Oh, Mary Ann, can I ever relate to that unfinished project you are going to wrap up and then take back from your aunt and uncle! I have done that more times than I can count!

Hope everyone is having a productive day! One thing that has helped me is to figure out just how many projects I need to finish before Christmas, and then narrow it down even further to what needs to be done today. My answer was 5 before Christmas, and 3 before the end of today. I have 2 of those done now -- hurray!