Friday, July 27, 2007

Miscellany :)

Well, here it is, Friday again, and another week has just flown past! After having cooler than normal temperatures almost all summer, the last few days have been hot and muggy. We're supposed to get thundershowers later today, and more rain through the weekend. Hopefully it will cool things off again.

My friend Leslie invited us over on Wednesday and we spent a lot of time in the pool. Julia and Sam were scared to go in the water at first, but after a while they got used to the idea, and really liked it. In fact, I had a hard time getting Sam out of the water when it was time to go home! Thanks again, Les--we had so much fun!!

Even though it is still summer, I've started thinking ahead to fall a little bit. I'm looking forward to buying new fall clothes for Julia. Today I went to our local children's consignment store and found these two things. I especially love the skirt! It's corduroy, though you can't tell from the picture. Best of all, I discovered that I had some store credit, so both items were free. :)
Here are a couple random pics of the kids from this week. Sam took some of the corner protectors that were in the sink box and decided they would make good hats. I think he looks like a little Chinese boy. :) Oh, and if he looks nearly bald, it's because he is. Jim buzzed his hair early this week, partly for coolness and partly so we could soak it with olive oil and scrub off all the cradle-cap-like stuff that's been messing up his scalp for the past couple years. It's funny; he hardly had any cradle cap as a baby, but as he got older and got more hair, he had a lot of it. I've read a lot of things that said olive oil will usually get rid of it, and now he has a clean scalp, and hopefully it will stay clean! :)
I thought this was a cute pic of Julia, although she is actually fussing. This is probably the first time she's ever had longer hair than her big brother. :)
We harvested the first of our sugar snap peas from the garden this week! Sam loves to munch them and refers to them as "sugar-snaps." I think he would gladly eat anything that had the word "sugar" in it. :) Hmmmm, maybe that is an idea to get him to happily eat other things! Sugar-zucchini, sugar-potatoes, sugar-lettuce . . .

Well, I need to go and make some hotdog buns now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

We used olive oil on the olest and youngest boys a few weeks ago. They handled that and the combing very well. The bath afterwards was not enjoyed at all. We did learn though that the oil comes right out when washed with dandruff shampoo. The middle boy has never had even one spot of yellow in his hair. We are also experimenting with them and are only using adult shampoo (from WFM). Hopefully it will wash out better than the baby shampoo and we won't have any more trouble.

Carrie said...

That's funny that we both tackled our boys' heads around the same time period! :) I think Sam did better with the bath part than the combing part, although he did OK with that . . . but he hates to have his head messed with.

Let me know how it goes with using the WFM shampoo. We have started using an all natural shampoo bar on the kids (Jim uses it too) and are hoping that will help. It's the nettle bar from We've tried quite a few of their bars and Jim really likes the nettle one. Unfortunately none of the ones I've tried have worked with my hair--they all make it feel really waxy and hard to comb through. So I am still using chemical laden shampoo, but at least most of it I am getting free or very cheap after rebate from Rite-Aid. :) The only natural shampoo I have found (so far) that works well for me is the new liquid Burt's Bees . . . but the price is really steep. I forgot to take a good look at the WFM shampoo while we were there. I'll have to check it out sometime after the new store comes into NH.

I do think a lot of Sam's trouble was that the shampoo didn't get washed out thoroughly (like you mentioned). He hates having his head rinsed so much, that we probably didn't get it rinsed well enough most of the time. He is starting to do better about the whole water thing now; hopefully that will help, too. :)

Tracy said...

Great finds at the hardly used store. I love the skirt. It will look adorable on Julia
About the cradle cap, I used a little bit of baking soda to wash the kids hair, and it scrubs it right out. After about a week of treating them with that, none of them had cradle cap again.

I love your Cranberry Lemonade recipe. Today I made it with Red Raspbery instead of cranberry and it taste's great also.

Carrie said...

Tracy--thanks for the baking soda idea; I will keep that in mind, too! I'm glad you are enjoying the cranberry lemonade, and I'll have to try it with raspberry sometime, too! I think strawberry would also be yummy. :)