Sunday, July 22, 2007

House progress

Jim has gotten quite a bit done on the house over the past few weeks, in various moments of spare time. Here are some pics of the progress on the kitchen, and also the siding on the deck side of the house. That whole side is *almost* finished . . . only 3 more sides to go! :)

New countertop!
This gives you an idea of the tile backsplash we are going to make, and the moose and tree "wallies" that will go on the wall above it.
Another new counter, and sink. I'm hoping to replace the dish drainer eventually . . . I'd like something that coordinates better, and maybe is less bulky.
Close-up of the new sink and faucet, which has its own pull-out sprayer built in!
New siding! (If you're wondering what's up with the netting in the corners, it's part of our screenhouse, which we have set up on the deck for shade.)
Window in the kids' room
It is so much fun to see parts of the house getting finished!! Now, to give you all a good laugh . . . Jim and I were talking and planning today for the addition we'd like to build on the house, assuming that God keeps us in this area for a while. Yep, we haven't even finished the house we have, and we're already planning to expand it. :) We'd really like to add another bedroom so that we can have one room for boys and one for girls, and we would also like to put in a small guest/in-law apartment and another bathroom, plus more living room space. Of course this is just in the thought stages right now, but it's fun to dream a little! :)


Rachel said...

What a homey, tidy place you have!! I think that it's fun to have vision for your home. Dreaming is free - right? The countertops look amazing and I love the New England themed moose and pine trees. How fun to check these things off of your to-do list. :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of getting those exact countertops for my bathroom. My parents have that countertop in their camp. It's from Home Depot, right?

Everything looks so nice.

It is fun to dream about your home and the future. :-)


mindee said...

The countertops and sink look great! I love the tile and moose, too. I can understand why you're excited! I like the siding, too. Did you put in a screen door there?

Carrie said...

Rachel--homey, yes . . . tidy, not always!! :) Here you see the "spiffed up for the picture" version of my kitchen. :) And yes, it's definitely nice to check things off the to-do list!!

Zan--yes, the countertops are from Home Depot. I think the color is called Mesa Verde or something like that. I really, really like it. It looks so much nicer in a whole counter even than it did in the little sample chip.

Mindee--yep, now you can see why I was pretty excited yesterday! :) I just love the new look. And yes, we did put a screen door on one side of the French doors. It is great because a lot more air comes through there now, plus I can watch the kids playing on the deck while I'm doing something at the table or whatever. We will take the screen door off in the winter and just put it on again every summer.

Gail said...

Hi to all four of you! Everything looks great! You must be so excited! An addition would be such a blessing too. It is a small thing to our great God. We'll anticipate what He will do!

Carrie said...

Gail--hi! Yes, I am very excited with how everything is coming along. You'll have to come over for a visit soon and see it! And thanks so much for the reminder that an addition is a small thing to God--you are so right! :) We are having fun dreaming and planning for it.