Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cleaning Challenge--Living Room--Day 4/5/6

Well, I didn't quite get the living room finished, but I did pretty well. One of our major messy spots was here around the woodstove and hearth. Over the winter, a lot of bark, ashes, and miscellaneous debris accumulated underneath and beside it. I swept up all the mess, mopped all around the stove, and washed the wall behind it. Then I washed the stove, too. It looks so much better! We're still using it occasionally as the nights are still cool, but we're not likely to have as much of a mess now that Jim's not bringing in a whole load of wood every week.

I never got around to vacuuming under the rugs, but other than that, I did get most of the dusting and straightening done. You would never know it now--toys all over the floor, clutter piling up on the end table again--but at least I know it is clean underneath. :)

I guess this concludes the 5 weeks of the cleaning challenge! My house is not looking as spic-and-span as I was hoping it would, but I'm planning to chip away at some more areas as time allows, and do routine maintenance on the main areas of the house to try to keep things neat. It was fun to challenge myself this way, and I think it helped me to start building some better housekeeping habits. :) Thanks to those of you who joined in, too!

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Mrs.T said...

I really fell down on the challenge this week, but am hoping maybe to get a bit done tomorrow afternoon, as we have an early 2 pm evening service at church tomorrow. Specifically, I'm hoping to wash the picture window and maybe do some decluttering in the bookcase cupboards.

The challenge HAS been lots of fun. I'm going to miss it -- but with FlyLady, every week can be a mini-challenge! Thanks for the motivation!