Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cleaning Challenge--Living Room--Day 2

Yay! I finally got some things accomplished on the challenge today. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for washing windows. I got all three of the living room ones washed, and while I was at it I also washed the curtains. I moved everything away from the wall with the windows, and did a thorough vacuuming/dusting there. I also dusted the piano and the TV and cleaned the TV screen with a nifty little cleaner that is specially made for TVs and computers. And I washed the couch cover at the same time I washed the curtains. Also sorted through a couple of boxes of miscellaneous stuff, put some books away, and moved a bunch of toys into the kids' room.

As a side note, I used a half & half vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle to wash the windows. Normally I use Windex, but I was wanting to try something more natural. I really liked the way it worked, and I think I will use it most of the time from now on. I like the vinegar smell better than ammonia, plus I know it is not as harsh as breathing in the Windex fumes.

I'll hopefully get to take some pictures of the progress and post them tomorrow.


mindee said...

Good going on the challenge! So far this week, I'm still playing catch-up! Sometimes I feel like I'm chasing my tail in this regard!

Your natural window cleaner made me think of the Method products at Tarjay. I have been using the lavender all-purpose cleaner for a couple months and I really love it. They cost about the same as other cleaners, but they're natural, bio-degradable, and don't have the harsh smell of other cleaners. They clean really well, too. :)

I need to get something to clean our LCD laptop screen. What do you use on your tv? I've heard that I can use a distilled water/alcohol mixture, but I'm scared to try it. :)

Mrs.T said...

Wow, you certainly did accomplish a lot! All I got done was to sort through a couple of stacks of things in the living room and get rid of one hot spot!

I'm not expecting much to get accomplished today -- Wednesdays are always difficult.

Keep up the good work!

Carrie said...

Mindee, I know what you mean about chasing one's tail . . . I am constantly trying to catch up! I don't know how moms do it who also work outside the home. I guess I just need to get more organized!! I have heard good things about the Method cleaners--I will have to check them out next time we go to Tarjay. :D I posted about the screen cleaner--it's really handy. It probably is the same as the distilled water/alcohol, but I was like you--nervous about making my own, and this came with the little microfiber thingy on the handle, so it works for me.

Mom, getting rid of hotspots is a big thing, even though it may seem like a little thing. :) I find that as soon as I put out one hot spot, another one pops up somewhere else! Gotta work on that.