Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Comment Catch-Up!

It totally bugs me when I don't get around to answering my comments. So I went back through them and I'm going to try and catch up in this post, for the past few weeks of comments! :) I'll just answer them by name to make it easier.

Mom: Thanks for joining in the challenge with me! It's fun to hear how you're doing with it. Thanks for your encouragement.

Mindee: I think I answered your questions regarding Flylady and all that in an email. But I did want to say thanks for joining the challenge, as well. I love having another person to help motivate me. :) And yes, like you, I didn't want anyone eating off the table after I finished cleaning it! But alas, it has been entirely christened with crumbs again (and my glass doors have been treated to a new design of dirty handprints). :) I keep reminding myself that someday I will miss the messes . . . Thanks for the birthday greetings and yes, Sam did love the track I built for him. Didn't last long after Julia got ahold of it, though. :) Thanks for the compliment on the recent pics, too--I also love Sam's hat. He wanted me to get pictures of him taking it on and off. He's become a picture-happy kid lately!

Carrie: I agree with your motto of "have to make a mess to clean it up"--that's exactly how it goes around my house! :) Wow, you have been super busy this week--thanks for sharing all you have gotten done! And I love Julia's patchwork outfit, too. I found it at our local resale store and couldn't resist--it is so girly and summery. :)

Joey: Thanks for the birthday wishes. :) I'm hoping this decade will be my best yet!

Mary Ann: Thanks for the birthday wishes too! You were partly right about the truck. Ours is big and red, but not a dually. It is however, a diesel, which makes it have such a nice big rumbly sound. :) By the way, I hope you are having a wonderful time in Hawaii!!

Esther: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love you too! :)

Zan: Ah, another train-track builder. :) It's so much fun! And thanks so much for saying I don't look 30! I hope the trend continues (looking younger than my age, I mean). :)

Kim: Thanks for your comment, and I'm glad I inspired you to spring clean! Hope it is going well for you. It's nice to have a new visitor to my blog!

Alicia: We didn't get to enjoy the free yumminess either . . . maybe next year! And yes, our spring is later than yours. I loved the pictures on your blog of your little gardener! Your tulips are lovely!! Maybe I'll have to plant some tulip bulbs this fall. And I just commented on your blog, but I see that you did find one VERY good deal at your Walmart recently--the cake pan! Same one I am using for Julia's cake this weekend. I'll definitely post pics of how it comes out. :)

And I think that FINALLY catches me up. Hooray!! Now I can sleep easy tonight. :) If there's anyone's comment that I missed somehow, I do apologize.

We had a nice day, although I didn't get much done at home. Jim was home today and we ran some errands, and also purchased our very first cell phones! We're still debating on keeping mine--it really isn't a NEED, but it would be nice. We have 30 days to change our minds, so we'll see how it goes. Jim really wanted one and after talking about getting one for the past 4+ years, we finally took the plunge. I hate having another monthly bill, but I think that at least having a phone for him will be worthwhile. Praise God, the snow has melted and the mud has dried up at the site where he will be working on his big summer project--building a barn--so he will be starting that in the next week.

And now I better get to bed! It is getting late and I need to get up early so I can hopefully get more accomplished tomorrow!


Alicia said...

Wow, I guess I really did get that pan for a steal! I figured it was a good price but this is my first "wilton" purchase so I didn't really have anything to compare it to. Can't wait to see pictures of the way you do up Julia's cake!

Carrie said...

Alicia, I'm so happy that you got such a great deal! And pics of the cake are now posted! :)