Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cleaning Challenge--Kitchen--Day 3/4

Well, yesterday I got nothing done in the kitchen, other than keeping the dishes done and the sink clean. We took a good chunk out of the day to go for a drive with Jim, to look at a tractor he was interested in. We had a lovely day.

Today I got a few things done, though not as much as I hoped. I cleaned off the top of the fridge with a wet rag, and wiped off any smudges and spots I could find on the front and sides, as well. I also cleaned and reorganized my 2 "pantry" shelves, where I keep canned goods, pasta, baking supplies, etc.

I only have 2 more days to work with, and a lot of goals to accomplish, so we'll see how it goes! Hope the rest of you are having fun with this week in the kitchen, too.


Mary Ann said...

It's nice that you got to spend part of the day away, out driving around. I love days like that. Somehow I picture you guys in a big dual-y truck. Am I right? :-)
BTW, your cleaning projects are inspiring. Someday I just might do some Fly Lady research myself!

Mrs.T said...

I know this is really day 5, but guess I'd better post my progress now before I forget what I did. (I got nothing done on day 4.) But today I cleaned and decluttered a kitchen cabinet, cleaned off the fridge top and the microwave top, found new homes for Mr. T's snacks which had been cluttering up a butcherblock top on a base cabinet. I also shined up the toaster, some glass storage jars and the backsplash with windex. That may be about all, but things look better.