Monday, March 12, 2007

It just might be time to think about putting the flannel sheets away

Today it got up to 53º outside and we are doing a major happy dance!!! Now I know it isn't spring YET, but days like this give us hope that yes indeed, spring is really going to show up eventually. :) This is the kind of day when we go outside, take a deep breath of fresh, warm air, and smile at everybody we see. Have you noticed that everyone is much happier and friendlier on days like today? At least around here, they are . . . instead of everyone making complaints about how cold it is, the people in the stores are all friendly and talking about how nice it is outside. It's like everyone's cheerful side is coming out of winter hibernation. :)

Today Sam had his 3 year checkup. I was so proud of him--he was so polite and good at the drs. office. Such a difference from his 2 year checkup! The dr. even commented on how polite he was, which really made my day. It is so wonderful to start seeing the results of child training. Age two really was a rough year in some ways . . . but we have noticed a marked difference over the past month or so. It is almost like having a whole new child! Anyway . . . Sam is up to 29 1/2 lbs. and 37 inches tall--he's pretty much average for a 3 year old, according to the dr. He's healthy, doing all the right "stuff" for his age, etc. It was a nice quick appointment. :)

On our way home, we stopped in at the local children's resale store and I picked up some new spring/summer clothes for Julia. I got an Old Navy outfit with the tags still on--jumper and long sleeve onesie--for $4, a couple of sleeveless flowered dresses, and an adorable swimsuit with ladybugs on it, which I also think might be brand new. I know Julia and Sam are going to have even more fun this summer than last in the wading pool and at the beach! She should be walking by summer, and hopefully she will like the water. I'm hoping I can find some cute little swim shorts to go with the suit--to keep the sun off her a little more.

Days like today also give me the urge to clean and organize--always a good thing! While the kids napped, I went down into our storage loft in the garage, and went through 5 of our totes--all full of books. I wrote down EVERY book title, assigning a number and letter to each tote. All the ones with books are labeled with a number 1, and then a letter. I got this idea from Mrs. Wilt's blog a while back. So I have 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, and 1-D finished, with a corresponding 3x5 card that I can file, listing the contents. I also did a 2-A, which is full of music books. You would not believe how many books we have; it's crazy. Over the years, not only have we collected books for ourselves, but we also collected ahead for our kids, knowing that we would likely be homeschooling them. I have only made a little dent so far in all the totes, but I plan to keep plugging away at them and get everything organized by the end of the summer. And hopefully I will find a lot of stuff that we can yard sale or take to the dump, too. :) We have way too much STUFF, that is for sure. The queen of organization I am not, but I hope to really get my act together and not only organize all the stuff in storage, but all the stuff in the rest of the house, too. A little bit at a time . . .

In other news . . . Julia officially has a tooth now! It finally popped through last week, and I think she has 3 others that will be close behind. Well, speaking of the little girl, I'd better put her in the Ergo and get some more housework done. Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!!

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