Sunday, February 04, 2007

Random pictures and chatter

Guess what? On Friday, I too was diagnosed with an ear infection! What's up with that? Ear infections aren't supposed to be contagious! But apparently the same bug attacked us all in the same way. Sam and I also had a touch of conjunctivitis along with the ear infection. So I joined the amoxycillin club. :) So far, Jim has managed to escape the whole thing--hopefully that will continue!

We all stayed home from church today to rest and recuperate. I was able to sleep in really late, which helped enormously. Through the afternoon, I was able to make granola, bread dough, and pizza dough for supper tonight. I should be able to get the bread finished within the next couple hours. It feels good to have gotten all this baking done so I won't have to tackle it tomorrow. Sam and Jim spent some time outside, splitting wood and bringing a bunch inside. The weather has gotten a bit chillier again and the fire is blazing away cheerily in the stove!

Only 1 1/2 weeks now till my sister and family arrive in NH for a visit!! We are getting so excited and making lots of plans for things to do while they are with us. It will be great to get to meet each other's new babies for the first time.

Here are a few pictures from the past week; I already emailed these to a bunch of family and friends, but thought it would be fun to post them here as well. Enjoy!

Sam with his new Lightning McQueen car (from the movie "Cars"). There was a good deal on these on Amazon and Jim couldn't resist getting him this one and Mater the tow truck. We will wait and give him Mater either on Valentine's day or for his birthday. As you can tell, he was pretty excited to get this!
Sam was always pretty terrified of the vacuum. Julia, on the other hand, is fascinated with it and chases it around when I'm vacuuming! I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of her after she "caught" it. :)
Here you can see one of Julia's newest accomplishments--standing while holding onto a tub of blocks!
Playing together nicely. (Something that doesn't always happen!)


zan said...

Sorry to "hear" :-D about your ear infections. Ouch!

What cute pictures.

I tried to send you an e-mail about an hour ago with pics, but it was sent back because your e-mail is full. COuld you send me another e-mail address?

Carrie said...

My kids were the same with the vacuum - Caleb didn't like it, Titus chases it and I have to be creative getting around him. YOur kids are cute and I really enjoying reading your blogs. I'm not sure if you remember me from NBBC or not - I was a Brodwater before I married Mike.

Tracy said...

Sorry it's been so long since I've commented. Looks like you had a profitable day despite being ill. Kara and I both have the flu, so I stayed home with all the kids tonight.

Can I have your recipies for bread and pizza dough? I'm wanting to start making my own now.

Kara and Lydia still love trying to chase the vacuum cleaner. So far, Andy just looks at me with this quizical look on his face.

Alicia said...

Oh, you poor things! Hope you can stay inside and get some more rest today.

Julia looks so cute and triumphant standing next to the tub of toys!

What a blast you'll have visiting with your sister this month. Will she be able to stay for a good long visit?

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

Cute pics. My blogging is so random - sorry I haven't touched base with you in a while. I'm excited Jo & Clay will be there - how long will they get to stay? You'll have to post pictures!! I'm anxious to see them. I hope you're all feeling better - no fun!!


Carrie said...

Zan--I liked your pun. :)

Carrie--yes, I remember you! I checked out your blog and will have to leave a comment when I have time. Your kids are cuties, too!

Tracy--sorry to hear you guys were sick, too. :( I'm so excited for you and your new ministry and home!! I will try and post my bread and pizza dough recipes soon!

Alicia--Jo and family will only be able to be here for about a week, but that's so much better than not at all! It's been over 2 years since the last time we saw each other, so way too long!

Esther--it was great to hear from you. :) I will definitely post pics from Jo & Clay's visit. We are so excited to finally meet baby Darrin!

Thanks for all your comments and sympathy, everyone!