Sunday, December 10, 2006

What Jim's been up to

Since Jim was home this week, he used the time to get several projects done here at home. First, he finished this marble tower for Sam! Isn't it awesome? He made two of these last year for our nieces and nephews, and started this one, but never completed it till now. These things are a LOT of work to make! And he added some things to Sam's that weren't on the first two. It came out so nice, and Sam (and Jim, and I!) have been having a lot of fun with it.

The next thing he worked on was installing a wood stove in our living room. He took an old stove that had been given to him by my uncle, and has been getting it into good shape throughout the week. We have to wait for a few parts to come in, as well as the stovepipe, before it is useable, but it is looking good! You should have seen it when we first brought it home--it was all rusty and ugly. With a tube of $3+ blacking applied, this is how it looks now:

Jim also built the new hearth that it's sitting on, and while he was at it, he finished the grout in the kitchen! If only he didn't have to work elsewhere to bring home the bacon, I could get used to having him home all the time! :)


Alicia said...

That marble tower is incredible! Jim could really market those since they are so unique. Looks like an early Christmas for Sam! That stove is very cool. Isn't it fun to get deals and then fix them up?

zan said...

He really could market those towers. They are really neat!

Isn't it nice to have a handy husband. Saves so much money. : )

mindee said...

The marble tower is very cool! Sam looks so cute studying it!

I like your new stove, too. It looks very nice. I grew up with a woodstove and I still love the way the smoke smells. Smells like winter. :)

Joey said...

Neat Tower! Isn't nice having your husband home? My husband has been home to, he had hernia surgery last week. We hava all been enjoying taking care of him. Are you all packed for your trip?