Saturday, December 30, 2006

We're dreaming of a white New Year . . .

We woke up this morning to SNOW!!! We had had a little bit on Tuesday, but today we got more, probably about 4-5". Sam has had a wonderful time playing in it and it's been fun to watch him enjoying it so much. It brings me back to my own childhood, when my sister and I would spend HOURS outside after school, even after it got dark, just playing and playing in the snow. That was back in the days when we would get tons of snow every winter--or at least it seemed like tons to us. :) We would come inside with rosy cheeks, messy hat hair, runny noses, and cold feet, and warm our outsides by the wood stove, and our insides with supper or a snack and hot chocolate, depending what time we came in.

Sam came in and I changed him into dry clothes, then he curled up in Jim's comfy chair in the living room to watch one of his train movies. Next thing I knew, he was asleep. He looks so sweet when he's sleeping . . . sigh. :)

bumGenius! Clearance at Cotton Babies

In other news . . . this is for any of you who may be interested in trying the bumGenius! cloth diapers. I just found out that Cotton Babies is having year end clearance on some of their stuff, including the bG 1.o and also bG seconds. They are priced at $8-10, a great deal! This sale is only on through midnight tomorrow, so hurry on over and check it out!


TJ said...

Have a happy New Year, guys!

Carrie said...

Happy new year to you, too, TJ!