Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Countdown Challenge--Day 23

Today went a lot better as far as Christmas prep! I still didn't get any baking done, but I did get Julia's stocking made. I still need to add some buttons and beads to it, which I'm hoping to work on tonight and tomorrow, along with a hanger. I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

I also got out some more decorations--snowmen, "S'more" ornaments, lights, advent calendar, etc. and put away the rest of my fall decorations. We also tackled some house-rearranging today! We are going to put a woodstove in our living room, to help us save some money on fuel. So today we moved some furniture around to make space for that. I did some much-needed dusting and vacuuming while we were at it. Everything is looking great! We're hoping to get our Christmas tree tomorrow afternoon, or sometime in the next few days.

Tonight we are watching "White Christmas" and should be heading to bed soon. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful weekend!

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Mrs.T said...

I didn't accomplish much on the challenge today -- just a tiny bit of decorating, and I also did just a bit of rearranging in the freezer so I'll have more room for Christmas baked goods. Maybe tomorrow will be a more productive day, since we won't have an evening service.