Friday, October 27, 2006

My sweet hubby

I just wanted to show you all what Jim made for me a couple weeks ago. I've been making homemade bread nearly every week for the past few months, and Jim decided it would be nice to have a slicing guide for it. He made it out of ash, the same kind of wood as Sam's bunkbed is made of. It works wonderfully, and it's so nice to have our slices coming out even now. :)

Another thing my sweetie did for me (well, he does many things for me, but this one was more unusual) was to make me breakfast in bed a few Saturdays ago! He got up early with Sam and let me sleep in. Then he was reading Huckle Cat's Busiest Day Ever (by Richard Scarry) to Sam, and on the first couple pages it talks about the cat family eating pancakes for breakfast. That made him hungry for pancakes, so he and Sam stopped reading and made pancakes instead. Next thing I knew, I was awakened by Sam coming in our room, excitedly talking about bringing Mommy breakfast! Jim was behind him with a tray of pancakes and juice. What a nice treat! It made me feel spoiled for sure. :)

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who completes me perfectly. No, he's not perfect, which is a good thing since he definitely doesn't have a perfect wife!!! But we balance each other out pretty well and I know he is the the man who was hand-picked by God for me. I thank God for him!!


Michael & Sandra Herriage said...

Awesome! I love that bread slicer thingy he made. That totally rules. Yep, you've got a great husband - just like I do. :)

Mrs.T said...

Jim ought to think about making some of those bread slicer gadgets for Christmas gifts! I know someone who would love one of those (hint, hint!)-- probably several people on your list, actually.

And breakfast in bed -- how wonderful! I loved the story of how the cat family's pancake breakfast made him hungry for pancakes, so he just whipped up a batch.

Carrie said...

Jim enjoyed the comments about the bread slicer. :) I think he has an even better design in the works, possibly! I will put a bug in his ear about Christmas. :)