Saturday, July 16, 2005

Reader Roll Call!

Well, I finally got a hit counter added to my blog! You can see it near the bottom of the sidebar to the left, just above where it has the "powered by Blogger" symbol. I have it set to tell me how many unique hits I get--in other words, not page views, but how many people visit here. I was surprised to see the number was up to 20 by last night! So, I would love to have a comment from each one of you; I know most of you, of course, but still I would love to have you pop in and say "hi!" I would also love to hear from any others who took the Princess Bride quiz! So far, out of the 4 of us who took it, we all turned out to be different characters! By the way, are the Princess Bride pictures showing up for any of you? They're not working on my computer--I just have those little boxes with the X in them--but it may just be something to do with my system. I know I need to do some major cleaning up and deleting around here, and burn all our pics to a CD, because I'm sure that would free up a bunch of memory. Lately I've been getting a message about low memory, so I better get to it soon.

"Created to Be His Help Meet"

Well, if you haven't checked it out yet, the great deal on this book is still going on over at Biblical Womanhood! The sale is only on until Monday, so hurry on over there to buy your book(s) if you want to take advantage of it.

Long Hair

I got thinking about my hair this week, and the things I like and don't like about having long hair . . . bear with me, I'm just rambling here . . . but I thought it would be fun to make a list. :)
Things I like about having long hair:
#1: It makes my hubby happy!
#2: It can look really nice when I take the time to actually dry it and use a curling iron.
#3: It's nice because I can do all kinds of different styles with it, that I couldn't if it was really short.
Things I don't like about having long hair:
#1: I have to wear it up or in braids most of the summer because otherwise it's way too hot!
#2: It takes a lot more time to wash, dry, comb, and get it looking good.
#3: It's too easy for little hands to grab and pull when I wear it down.

I think what started me off thinking about hair, was this teenage girl I saw in Walmart a while ago. She had waist or hip-length brown hair, worn in 2 braids, topped off with a cowboy hat. She looked so cute!! I was so impressed because she obviously had her own personal style, and wasn't trying to be all "in" with the trendy looks you see on most teen girls (not just hair, but clothes, etc.) It was extremely refreshing to see that. It encouraged me to not get frustrated with my long hair. Sometimes I would cut it in a minute, if it weren't that Jim would probably lock me out of the house and not let me back in again till it grew back . . . :D I actually have had it as short as shoulder length before, and maybe I'll try that again sometime, but for now it's about halfway down my back and I'm content with that. Long or short, it doesn't really matter, as long as you find a look that you're happy with and that your hubby likes, too! :) I think it would be really cool if I could ever grow mine as long as my waist, but it hasn't ever gotten that long that I can remember, before it starts looking pretty bad and I have to trim it. Someday, I would like to get it close to that long, then cut it really short and donate it to Locks of Love. I think Jim would agree as long as it was for a good cause! :) OK, enough rambling about that . . . :)

Last night we got together with my parents, and my brother and his family, for a cookout at my parents' house. Mom and Dad just returned from Nevada a week ago, where they had been visiting my sister and brother-in-law for 2 weeks. It was fun to see all their pictures--the scenery out there is incredible, and they got some great ones! Jim and I are talking about trying to work it out to go visit out there sometime--hearing about all the fun they had really inspired us! I hope it will work out eventually.

Sam is starting to become more of a parrot now, and it's fun to get him to mimic words we say. Sometimes he just pops out with a new one, much to our surprise! His newest word for this week is "Hooray"--or as he says it, "Rayray." He's also started to clearly say the word "NO"--he likes to use this one a lot! Now we need to work on "yes!"

Well, I guess that's enough jabbering for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Hopefully next time I'll get a chance to post some new pictures; we did take some cute ones of Sam and his cousins over the past couple days.


Anonymous said...

Just found you blog today. I also live in NH. Isn't this weather unbearable? Wicked hot! I also have a little man. He just turned one. About the hair, my husband does not care how my hair looks. He never compliments it unless I ask him directly about it. It really frustrates me someimes because I try differnt styles to please him. He just doesn't care. Now I style my hair to please myself.

Carrie said...

Hi Zan! Thanks for your comment. It's nice to have another NH reader! This weather is definitely not fun.

I sometimes think it would be nice if my hubby didn't care how my hair was styled . . . but I can see how it could be frustrating, too! It's nice to know that's one way I can make him happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zan, my husband also doesn't notice my hair, if i were bald and dinner was ready, you know which one would be notice. :)