Wednesday, June 22, 2005

If something sounds too good to be true . . .

. . . it's because it probably is. I did some checking into our "invitation to the President's dinner," and discovered that just as I expected, the dinner is held in Washington, D.C. Plus, you have to pay $2500 to go to it . . . minor little detail there! Apparently because Jim is a small business owner, they got his name and are asking him to be on their "business advisory council"--which as far as I can tell, means, become a member of this council and we'll ask you for input on various things . . . oh, and any large gifts would be appreciated! :) Well, so that's our brush with big government for the week!

I'm glad we went to the beach yesterday, because today is much cooler, cloudy and breezy. I have a lot of housework to try and accomplish today, plus I'd like to work on my control journal a bit more, make my grocery list and menus for the week, and make some goodies because Jim is almost out of chocolate chip cookies! I better get started while Sam is napping . . . it's so much easier to get things done fast when he's not "helping!" (Not that I mind having a little helper at all! But I do like to put his naptime to good use, especially when I'm doing jobs that require using household cleaners, etc.)

So, off to work I go! Have a happy day, everyone! :)

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