Monday, May 30, 2005

Yard Sale Stories

We were able to help a friend with her yard sale this Saturday. There are a lot of interesting opportunities for people-watching at a yard sale! I came back with a couple stories to share . . .

Happy Girlfriend?

This one guy showed up; he was a little on the unusual side. He bought a whole bunch of neckties for a dollar, just to make his girlfriend mad. He was looking around at some other stuff, commenting on how if he brought this or that home, it would really make her mad . . . so Jim suggested " How about that lazy susan? That would probably make her happy." To which the guy replied, "Oh, don't misunderstand me. I don't WANT to make her happy!" Must be one interesting relationship!

The 3 Year Old from Mars

One little guy was zooming around doing his own thing (and doing his best to get into trouble) while his parents browsed. After a while, he decided he should push Sam around in the stroller. Well, I didn't mind letting him help me push, but he was bound and determined to do it by himself. To the point that he kept trying to push my hands off the handles, and informed me "I can do it better!" Every time I would go to steer a different direction than he wanted, he would put all his weight into steering in the opposite direction. I have to give him credit for determination! After spending some time with him, I would have to guess that he hasn't heard the word "No" many times in his 3+ years, or at least it hasn't been enforced very often! Anyway, even though he was on the annoying side, he did have his cute points. And he was plenty smart for a 3 year old! As we were walking along, out of nowhere he asked, "What planet are we on?" After I answered "Earth," he countered with, "No, I mean what planet are we on, right here?" Again I replied, "Earth," and as he asked one more time, I started to understand that wasn't exactly what he meant, so I explained that we were on the lawn of the lady having the yard sale. This was a little closer to what he wanted to know, but still not quite there. He then clarified a little more by saying, "No, I mean are we east, or west, or south?" Ahhh, now light dawns! He wants to know what direction we are headed! Well, I wasn't quite sure of the answer to that one either, but at least I was able to explain that north, south, etc. are called directions and not planets. :)

In Other News . . .

We got a lot done at the house today, with Elijah and my dad's help. Dad did a lot more mudding and taping, and Jim and Elijah urethaned all the wood that we put on the walls (got all the wood up during the past week), and then put 2 coats of primer on the bedroom walls. They also moved a lot of lumber out of the garage, making a lot more open space down there. When Sam and I arrived, I was able to clean up the tub, toilet and sinks in the master bath, and Jim installed the shower curtain rod. The bathroom looks SO good now; nice and clean, and almost all ready to use! The paint is all done both in there and in the laundry room, and we got our washer, dryer and utility sink hooked up and ready to go, as well. Maybe I'll post a couple pics eventually. Later, I straightened up some things in the living room, and the guys moved the fooseball table downstairs, creating a lot more room. :) We invited my parents and Elijah for supper, and grilled ribs and veggies. We moved the dining table and benches upstairs, and it was fun to have our first meal at a real table in our new house! Mom contributed potato salad, and for dessert we had some "Black Forest Parfaits" out of the new Taste of Home magazine, which were really easy to make and turned out yummy!

So all in all, it was a really nice Memorial Day. Now it's raining . . . again . . . but at least we have seen the sun a few times over the weekend, and actually Saturday was beautiful. Well, we need to get to bed now, so I better finish up. Hope everyone out there is doing well and had a happy holiday weekend.

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