Thursday, January 04, 2018

Snowshoeing and sledding

Yesterday we finally got some "warm" weather (20F feels warm when you've had zero and below zero temps tor a week!), so we all took advantage of it and spent the afternoon outside.  Jim and I snowshoed around our woods, and the kids went sledding.   Ari tried out snowshoes for the first time, too!  She had fun in the driveway, but wasn't a fan of the deeper snow.  Here she's glowering at me because she didn't want her picture taken! 😉

Jim got some neat pics of the brooks near our house.  There were some really neat frost patterns and ice crystals.

The old outhouse at the camp next door...looks like this winter has been kinda hard on the roof! 😂
Looking toward the lake across the road.  This is the only time of year we can see much of it.
Us 😍
Snowy selfie!
Beside the brook, looking up through the woods toward our house.
Layers of cool!
Sledding wrecks. 😉
Happy kids
Miss Ari!
Jim came back to the house to get the macro lens for his phone, and got some really cool close-ups of the ice crystals.  Here are some of the best ones.

I can't get over the beauty in the tiniest details.  Evidence of a master designer! 
These ones are really neat...

I'm glad we got these pics yesterday, since today we're getting another snowstorm.  The kids have been out playing in it all afternoon, and our neighbor friends skiied over again to play, too.  It's so beautiful...we have tons of snow already and it's only early January!  I will probably be tired of it by March, but for now I'm loving it.  So glad we live in a place with four seasons. 😊

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Mrs.T said...

Great pictures!!! The ice crystals are amazing! Your selfies were great also.

Yes, Ari does have that glowering look perfected, doesn't she?

Blogging twice in a week! Yay for you!