Thursday, August 17, 2017

18 Years...

We celebrated our 18th anniversary on August 7 with a special family day at the League of NH Craftsmen's annual fair at Mt. Sunapee.  We've talked about going for the past several years, as we have a furniture-making friend who always has a tent there, but we'd never managed to make it happen.  We decided this was the year for it!  It was such fun to look around at all the different handmade much beauty and creativity in one place.  We appreciated the artisans who took time to talk to us about their work, and the sweet woodcarving lady who made little woodburned signs (for free!) for Julia and Josiah.  And the man who came over and gave Ari the little wooden car, "just for being such a good girl"...there are some truly kind and giving people in the world and I'm pretty sure many of them are craftsmen (and women).  :) 
Julia and Josiah were also interested in trying their hand at making bowls in the pottery school tent, so we splurged a little and they took a lesson.  They had so much fun!!  The girls who were teaching them were amazing with kids and so patient and helpful.  I'm so glad I got pictures.
And later in the week, we were finally able to have a seafood dinner date, just the two of us. :)  So thankful for 18 years with my best friend!

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Mrs.T said...

Congratulations and blessings to both of you! 18 years is a huge achievement in our world today. Glad you could celebrate with a special date and also with a family day that looked like so much fun.