Thursday, February 02, 2017

Throwback Thursday...just because :)

I'm breaking tradition today and putting up a quick Thursday post, just for fun.  I actually might turn this into a regular thing, either Throwback Thursdays or Flashback Fridays...because I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. (I know all of you older moms or grandmas who read my blog might be laughing a little bit right now.  How does a not-quite-forty-year-old feel nostalgic, right?!)  You see, the other day my mom gave us back some of the family photo calendars that we'd given my Grampa over the past 6ish years...and the kids and I had such fun looking through them.  I got all reminiscent and honestly couldn't believe how much littler they were, only a few years ago.  It's crazy!  Also, I was talking with some homeschool moms last week who are a few years ahead of me in the journey and have kids who are finishing up high school.  They warned me again how I am "on the brink" of my big kids growing up, and how fast it goes.  Looking through those calendars was a tangible reminder.  So I thought it would be fun to take a look back in time a bit more often.  I've already forgotten too many of these days, but looking at the pictures brings them back.  These were all from 2011, so the kids were 7, 5 and 3. 

Oh, my heart.  I miss them at this age.  I love the people they are becoming, but...I miss this cuteness!
 This girl and her toothless grin.  Reminds me how very blessed we are that she wasn't killed or hurt any worse when she had her swing accident at 4 years old.  Her smile still lights up the day, but now she has a lot more teeth again! :)
 Giggles with cousin in crime.  
 This was when we went over to Gee-Gee's camp and took some kids photos in the fall.  I miss the days when they would all sling their arms around each other like's rare in pictures now!  (Not that they don't all love each other just as much...but the dynamics change as they grow.)
 One of my all-time favorites of the boys.  Siah's face!!! :D 
 We were trying and trying to get some good family and/or sibling photos, and Julia was so tired and grumpy...notice the red face, but she's trying to smile.  I still love it, teary eyes and all. :)

Ever wish you could turn back time, just for a few days?  That was me this week as I looked through some of these memories.  I'm super thankful we have the gift of digital photography to capture these moments!


Kathleen :-) said...

OH, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved seeing these!!! is true....they are all growing up far too quickly...I see it with my own too!!! YIKES!!! Where does the time go?!!!! I too enjoy their ages now, I think each age and stage is so much FUN and exciting, but I sometimes wish I could turn the clock back, and do it again, or slow it down!!! Thanks for the pictures!!!!! I love the Christmas ones too!!!! :-)

Mrs.T said...

This is a very fun post indeed. Such fun (and yes, a little bit sad too) to look back at those days. It's neat that you could remember the circumstances behind the photos when you saw each one.

Funny ... I had forgotten to ask you if you wanted those calendars back, but I thought that you often didn't get one for yourselves, so probably the kids might enjoy looking through them anyway. It's neat what can spark a blog post sometimes. Thanks for sharing!