Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Recap

So, obviously my plan of sharing quick little tidbits of our life here on a daily basis didn't exactly pan out...surprise, surprise! ;)  And, I just discovered 3 comments waiting to be published...from my last post, back in June!!  Sorry, everyone!  I feel like such a blogging flop!! :(

I've been thinking for a while how I really want to get back to blogging on a regular basis.  I just don't seem to be organized enough to actually do it!  Today I was watching a live training seminar about how to launch a successful ebook (which is something I'd love to do someday!) and in a roundabout way it inspired me to "pick up my pen" (aka keyboard) and write something in this little neglected space.  Perhaps, just perhaps, I'll be able to make the time to post more regularly.  I miss it.

Anyway, to recap our summer...it's been a good one.  It's pretty much flown by (why does that always happen?!) and tomorrow is our first official day of school, although we are easing into it this year, just a little bit at a time.  So tomorrow won't actually be a full day.  I have a few fun plans up my sleeve, and then we'll do our morning time routine, maybe a little math, and call it good.  Although, Sam's math curric. hasn't actually arrived yet, so unless it comes today or tomorrow, he won't be starting that just yet!  I was a little slow on getting the last of my school stuff ordered this year.  And realized after I'd ordered everything else, that I'm not sure yet what I'm doing for Josiah's handwriting this year!  Good thing I didn't plan to be into a full school schedule for a couple weeks or so. ;)

We kept our summer pretty low-key and didn't make any big trips this year.  We made a couple visits to our local nature center:

We had chickadees raise a family in our birdhouse again: 

We visited Polar Caves for the first time as a family, along with some of our good friends (thanks to free passes from the library book sale):

We had four nights of VBS at church:

Julia spent a week at camp (and came home sick :( ...and then Josiah and I came down with it too, which meant we lost about 2 weeks of summer to sickness!) :

We enjoyed our annual July 4th church picnic:

And we spent a day at Story Land with friends...so. much. fun!

Then there were the little spontaneous visits and playdates with friends, neighborhood soccer practices, a couple of beach days...

Ari continued to grow and grow and started really TALKING!

She got a big girl trundle bed under the Lego table in the boys' room:

She's discovered the delights of sweet corn. :)

And her hair grew, too.  Enough to finally make pigtails!!

Jim has been keeping pretty busy this summer, for which we're so grateful.  But he's not so busy that he doesn't have time to work and play with the kids here at home. :)
 blacksmithing with the boys
putting siding on our garage addition

Here are a few of the projects he's been working on: 
 new windows and door in an old house

 woodbox made for a friend
frame for a wedding gift 

We celebrated our 17th anniversary on August 7th...enjoyed dinner out at a favorite restaurant and then we went and played mini golf without kids!!!!  (Haven't done that in YEARS and it was a blast!!)

It was a FUN summer:

And we're SAD it's over! 
But we are looking forward to hopefully having a great fall. :) 


Mrs.T said...

What a great post!! I was delighted to see it. What a wonderful summer you have had! Praying that you will continue to find blogging time.

Jenny said...

Looks like a great summer! Happy School Year to you!