Monday, November 02, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 2: Home

In this post, I am keeping it real!  Today's theme is "home."  Most of you who know me in real life know that while I LOVE being a wife, mom, and homemaker, I
Or as Flylady says, a "SHE" (sidetracked home executive).  Embarrassingly, I majored in Home & Family Management in college.  Let's just say it is easy to get As and Bs in classes when you are not actually living "real life" and actually managing a home and family!!!

Anyway.  I've struggled even more to keep up with things since Ari was born.  I recently realized I hadn't cleaned off the top of my piano since BEFORE she was born!!!  (Can you say "DUST?" Not to mention the baby cards and Christmas cards that were still residing there!!)  I've been feeling less exhausted and more motivated lately, so I'm working on getting things back on track.  

So in the interest of keeping it real, here are some scenes from my home today.  A few before and afters...because it always feels good to straighten up!  And hopefully some of the "befores" will be an encouragement to someone else.  I sure wish I had my act together all the time, but I have to keep reminding myself that while keeping my home neat and clean is important, and something to be constantly working toward, it's a journey.  And "home" is more than just the house and the things and the cleaning up...home is most of all the people.  And I sure do love MY people, and someday I will miss the messes they make.  (Okay, I make lots of messes too. :))
I did finally clean my piano top. :)
 Table & wall behind the couch...lots of book clutter!
 Ahhh, that's a little better.  (Note the different angle to include the cute napping baby. :))
 a little moose theme going on in my kitchen...
 Look Mom, my dishes are all caught up again! (my mom will get this... :))
 more moosie-ness
 Caught her changing positions in the middle of her nap :)
 Back to sleep!
 Love my Gooseberry Patch calendar
 OH, the hutch!...clutter central because it's right inside the front door!
There, that's much better.
 And the table.  Boy, do we have table issues.  Especially since we use it for school, too!  The above pic is how it generally looks on any given day.
 Wow, there was a table under all that mess!  Yay, we found it!

And one more shot of "home" for today...a tasty supper of homegrown chicken!  


Mrs.T said...

Such a fun post! Great job on the dishes ... and everything else! I love all of your fall decorating, too.

Kathleen :-) said...

Very much an encouragement to piles of things in places around the house aren't alone!!!! :-) Our Kitchen Table looks like that a good share of each day as well!!!! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures. Everything looks wonderful!!!!! :-)

Mrs. Doug said...

dead giveaway of a home-plucked chicken... tail stubble ** hee, hee **