Saturday, April 25, 2015

Schoola: My review

I'm working on getting part 2 of my daybook post finished, but in the meantime I wanted to quickly share a review of Schoola, the used clothing site I mentioned back in February.  I've been meaning to post a review for a while, and now is actually the perfect time because they're offering free shipping again for a limited time!  So if you haven't signed up, now is a good time to try it. :)  If you use my link, you will get a $15 credit and I will get one too . . . win/win! 

Anyway . . . overall I've been pleased with my experience with Schoola thus far. I have ordered from them 3 separate times, and each time the clothes arrived neatly packaged like this:
 The shipping was pretty fast, too, which is always nice!  I think my first two orders were completely free, due to some friends ordering through my link, plus the free shipping at the time.  (I searched for things by lowest price, which meant I was able to come up with some good deals for under $15 each time.)  When my first order arrived, I was pleased with the quality of the things that came--I felt like they had been described quite accurately on the site.  Here are a few of the clothes I bought:
I was disappointed, though, to discover that one item from my order was missing.  It was listed on the receipt, but wasn't in the box.  So I immediately contacted Schoola's customer service to let them know, and ask if they could give me a credit for the amount of the missing item.  (That would have been around $4, I think.)  Much to my surprise, they went above and beyond, giving me another $15 credit instead!!  While I'm not sure if this would happen every time they made a mistake like that (maybe it depends on the customer service rep?), I was very happy!  It meant I was able to order even more free or cheap clothes!

Another thing that was neat: about the time I was working on my second order, I realized that Schoola has a "high school" section.  Upon further investigation, I found that this section has tons of women's clothes, so Schoola isn't *just* a children's clothing site!  They even had a few bits and pieces of maternity stuff (not that I need any, I just happened to notice and was thinking of all my pregnant friends :)).  So I had fun ordering some things for myself, too!  I scored a couple pairs of jeans, a pair of capris, and a nice Old Navy jacket, all for super cheap.  It's always a bit of a gamble to order used clothing online, because of not being able to try it on first.  One pair of jeans was a little small, but hopefully I can shrink into it eventually. :)  If not, I can always donate to the local thrift store!  And the capris were a little more worn than I had expected, but I can't complain for the price.

I did find that sometimes mistakes happen (like the missing item), and today I got an email from Schoola, reminding me to use the $45 credit in my account . . . well, I have NO credit in my account at this point, so that was obviously an error.  So there are things like that, that you'd want to be aware of.  But my experience thus far has been a pretty positive one, and I figure if you can get a few pieces of clothing for free or close to it, you don't really have anything to lose by trying the site. :)  So if you could use a few things for your kids or yourself, go check it out!

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