Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello, winter wonderland!

We got snow overnight . . . quite a lot, in fact!  At first it was sticky, but as the temps got colder, it turned into perfect sledding snow.

Blackberry bushes . . . 
 and a log pile . . . 

 The trees are so covered, it looks like a scene from Narnia.
 Josiah really was having fun, just not wanting his picture taken at the moment. :)
 The sun peeked out for a few minutes,
 and the sky turned blue.
 Sleds whizzed past . . . 
 and some of us made snow angels.
 Julia wondered, "Are you going to put these pictures on Life on a Back Road?" :)
 The snow was also perfect for snowboarding, and Sam stayed up all the way down!
 Julia wrecked!  She just laughed. :)
 Happy bad piggie :)
 Trekking back up the driveway
 The pile of snow that fell off the roof 
Beauty everywhere!

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