Monday, December 02, 2013

Christmas Countdown: Treasured Moments #1

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my "treasured moments" here on the blog--just little day-to-day things that pop up and make me smile.  Today it's about my boys.

Sam and Josiah share a room and they are good buddies despite the 4 year age difference.  Every night we have this "tradition" (started by them) that after we close their door, they holler "Love you, Mommy, night night!" twice, and then I'm supposed to holler it back twice ("loud enough so we can hear!!").  This has been going on for quite some time, but more recently as I stand outside their door and listen, after we say our usual goodnights I hear two little voices saying, "Good night, Sam!" "Good night, Siah!"  (Reminds me of the Waltons. ;))  And if I get up early enough (i.e. before they do) I will then hear, "Good morning, Sam!" "Good morning, Siah!"  If Sam happens to get up before Josiah and sneaks out of their room quietly, Josiah will wake up and lie there hollering, "GOOD MORNING, SAM!!" until I finally go in and tell him that Sam is already up and out of the room. :)  It's so cute and makes me smile every time . . . and helps me remember during the times they are arguing, that they really love each other deep down. :)  Love my little men so much!!

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Mrs. Smith said...

What a cute pair!! I was thinking of the Walton's as I started reading your post. :) Those are the kinds of things that a mom treasures in her heart, isn't it!

My youngest sings a good morning song every morning to my oldest daughter. I've heard it for years, but delight in it freshly every day!:)