Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Countdown: Decorating the tree

I promised over a week ago to post pictures, and then life got busy!  So much for my Christmas countdown posts . . . oh well, at least I wasn't trying to post every day, anyway. :)  We put up the tree on Dec. 2.  Every year the kids get better at helping!  We didn't even break any ornaments (so far!) this year.  We worked on it together, but the kids did the bulk of the decorating!

Josiah wanted to help me move furniture around and vacuum.  Don't you love the earmuffs? ;)

Time to decorate!

 They enjoy finding the ornaments that I've had since I was a kid--and I enjoy telling them the stories behind a few of them.  I don't remember for sure about this little Fievel mouse, but it seems like maybe it was a happy meal prize?  So cute, though!

 Love their looks of concentration! :)

 And the silly, not-ready-for-the-camera looks, too . . . 

 We also dug up a tiny real tree for the boys' room.  
 They were excited to put COLORED lights on this one . . . unfortunately they stopped working after a few days (it was an old string) so we need to buy some new ones.


Mrs. Smith said...

Cozy, indeed! It's fun seeing the kids decorate and I love the ear muffs! :D They did a great job! The little tree with the colored lights is darling! We do that too - one is a fancier tree with clear lights, and one has colored lights with all of our treasures that have a lot of memories. Hugs, dear buddy!

Mrs.T said...

So much fun! You are making so many wonderful memories for the kids!

Your tree is lovely, and the one in the boys' room is so cute. Nice job with the photos, too!

Anonymous said...

I think you are right about the mouse being a happy meal prize. I had the same one and it stirred up memories.

Carrie said...

Nikki, that is so cool that you had the same one! I don't think we got happy meals often, so maybe that is why that part stuck in my mind. :)