Monday, June 03, 2013

Weekly Goals: 06/03/13

Today is a lot cooler (yay!) and I ran 2.25 miles again this morning (second time ever!) and walked .75 miles, for a total of 3 miles . . . very happy about that. :)  I technically completed the C25K program last week, although I have not yet actually run 3.2 miles.  Completing the program means either running 3.2 miles or running for 30 minutes, and I accomplished the latter. :)  Working my way up to the former, though!  Today's workout of walking/running 3 miles took me about 42 minutes, which didn't seem too bad.  I am excited to see my endurance growing.

Anyway . . . enough about that.  Here are my goals for this week:

  • Keep up with daily Bible reading
  • Read 2 chapters of Choosing Gratitude
  • Complete week 36 of school, plus academic testing
  • Exercise 5-6 times
  • Get up by 6:30 am every weekday
  • Drink 3 bottles of water, 5-6 days
  • Renew Medicaid application for kids
  • Plant the garden
We are working our way through CATs (California Achievement Tests) today.  Phew!  This is possibly my least favorite part of homeschooling.  It's funny because as a kid, I really enjoyed taking the CAT.  But as a mom, it stresses me out.  The whole timer thing, and seeing my kids get wrong answers . . . and they (especially Sam) don't do well with the timer, either . . . Every year I think about switching to an untimed test and maybe one of these years, I will.  I do like the CAT because it is fairly quick and easy, though.  This year we are doing the online version, which is exactly the same as the 1970 paper version, just done online instead.  I thought it might be more fun for them . . . but I'm not sure.  Julia has issues with controlling the mouse and keeps clicking on the wrong side of it.  Sam does better with the mouse, but he just doesn't like testing in general.  I know I just need to RELAX and remember that the test results are not really an accurate gauge of how much my kids know.  I KNOW THIS, but I still get stressed out!!  And in NH, we don't even have to report these results anymore, so I don't know why I get uptight about it!!  We have to test (or have the kids evaluated) but the results don't even have to go to the school system . . . so really, this should be a fun thing, right? :)  Anyway, Julia is finished with half of hers, and we will do the rest tomorrow.  Sam is done with about a third of his.  We may spread the rest of his over the next two days.  I will just be glad to have it done . . . and when this week is done, we will be finished with this school year.  Yay!!!!!!!!  We are all looking forward to the break.  And crazy me already starting filling up my cart at Sonlight with next year's curriculum. :D  Next year we will be starting American history and I am really looking forward to that!!  Although I have to say that I learned a lot over our 2 year study of world history, and really enjoyed it, too.  Sonlight makes history fun! :)

Well, this was supposed to be a goals post and turned into a homeschooling post.  Oops, sorry about that. :)  I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!


Nikki R said...

Hi Carrie,
I really enjoyed reading your goals/homeschooling post! I LOVE to read what others are doing in school. We are taking a short break from school but I am already looking forward to jumping back in and YES I too already ordered some school books for the new year! :) We are starting them this summer with lots of reading going on I hope! It sure does not take long to fill up a summer.

Carrie said...

Thanks, Nikki! I enjoy hearing about what others are doing for school, too. I hope you and the kids are enjoying your break, and that these last days before baby are not too uncomfortable for you!! At least it is not as hot now! :)