Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekly Goals--04/23/13

Time to update about goals again!  Last week was not such a great week for accomplishing goals, apparently . . . I only got a few things checked off.  On the plus side, I did get one big thing accomplished on Saturday--some major spring cleaning in the kitchen, including a good thorough fridge cleaning.  And I've managed to keep my counters mostly clear for 3 whole days!!!  So even though that's only one little checkmark on the list, it's a big thing to me. :)  Here's how last week went:

  • Keep up with daily Bible reading--DONE!  (Although this involved some catch-up reading last night! :))
  • Continue adding to and using Prayer Notebook app--Not done . . . planning to get back to it this week.
  • Exercise 5 days--DONE!
  • Get up by 7 am every weekday (already failed on this, but I'm going to keep trying!)--Not quite, I think I missed 2 days.
  • Read 7 chapters of Unglued--Not quite; I think I only read 5 chapters, but at least I made progress. :)
  • Post review for Shattered--Nope, didn't happen yet.
  • Post review for Desperate (boy, I've got some interesting book titles right in a row there, don't I?!  Unglued, Shattered, and Desperate . . . !!)--Again, not done yet.
  • Blog 3-4 times--Um, nope!
  • Continue working on spring cleaning projects--DONE! :)
  • Complete week 29 of school--DONE!!  Only 7 weeks left, plus testing.
And here are my goals for this week:
  • Keep up with daily Bible reading
  • Continue using Prayer Notebook app
  • Read 5-7 chapters of Unglued
  • Blog 3-4 times
  • Complete week 30 of school
  • Celebrate Josiah's birthday
  • Keep kitchen clean
  • Continue with spring cleaning
  • Exercise 5 times
  • Straighten kids' rooms
It's probably going to be a bit of a busy week with Josiah's birthday tomorrow, then Julia's coming up next Monday . . . but hopefully I can get some of these goals crossed off. :)

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