Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekly Goals: 03/26/12

Well, here it is Tuesday, and I'm finally getting goals posted for this week . . . late again! :)  Yesterday was rather busy, but I think the rest of the week is going to be fairly normal.  And this is my last chance for anti-procrastination this month, so I have some big goals--but it's a fairly short list!

  • Keep up with daily Bible reading
  • Post 3 book reviews 
  • Practice music for Easter
  • Mail package
  • Renew driver's license
  • Complete week 3 of C25K
  • Plan a new health and fitness challenge for April
  • Complete week 26 of school
  • Make ties for the boys for Easter
  • Continue getting up by or before 7:30 am
I hope all of you are off to a good start with your own goals for this week! :)  

P.S.  I'm sorry I haven't done well getting comments posted this week--for some reason I hadn't been getting them via email, so I didn't even realize I had comments to publish till I logged in tonight! Oops.  I probably need to change something in my settings since we switched internet providers--maybe the old email address is the one listed in there.  

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