Monday, February 04, 2013

Weekly Goals--02/04/13

Wow, another week flew by!  Here's how my goals went last week:

  1. Keep up with daily Bible reading--DONE!  Well, I got behind on a couple of days, but I'm all caught up now. :)
  2. Finish week 5 of fitness challenge--DONE!
  3. Finish week 18 of school--DONE!
  4. Schedule surgery (already done! :))--DONE!
  5. Read 4 chapters of Desperate; finish The Nonesuch--DONE!  I actually finished both books this week.
  6. Blog 3-4 times--DONE!
  7. Begin baking class with Sam--DONE!
  8. Record 3 blessings daily in my 1000 Gifts journal--Missed a couple days on this, I think, but some days I recorded more than 3, so it probably evened out.
  9. Balance bank accounts--Didn't get this done yet.
  10. Plan menu for next 2 weeks--DONE!
It feels good to see a lot of "DONEs" for a change. :)  

And here are my goals for this week:

  1. Keep up with daily Bible reading
  2. Spend at least 15 minutes in prayer daily (this is an area I'm struggling to be consistent with, so I decided I needed to set a specific time goal for myself)
  3. Complete week 6 of health & fitness challenge
  4. Complete week 19 of school (yay!--we're on the downhill side of the year now! :))
  5. Begin a Bible study or book study 
  6. Blog 3-4 times
  7. Post one book review
  8. Begin bedroom decluttering
  9. Get together with friends
  10. Record 3 blessings daily in 1000 Gifts journal
  11. Read 3 chapters of Cleaning House
  12. Balance bank accounts
I am also declaring this week and next to be freezer cooking weeks!  This week I plan to double 4 of our supper meals, so I have some things stocked in the freezer for after surgery.  I have had many offers of meals from friends, so I know we will have those coming in too, but I figure it will be good to have the freezer filled to just give myself a break for a few weeks after.  It's not that much extra work to do now, and we'll reap the benefits later on! :)  And we were blessed with a free chest freezer last summer, which still has plenty of space inside--hooray!!  Anyway, this week I will make extra suppers, and next week I plan to do another one or two, as well as baking some extra rolls, bread, maybe some muffins, etc.  Tonight's menu was shepherd's pie and herbed rolls . . . yum!

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