Monday, January 07, 2013

A visit from the A. Family!!!

I have lots of plans for posts this week . . . mostly about goals and books.  Yep, I'm running a little late with the new year goals, but it felt kind of good to take most of last week off from blogging, after my post-a-day during December. :)  Anyway, before I post the "normal" stuff, I wanted to share some pics of our visit with some old friends on Saturday night!

For some background, Mrs. A and I have known each other since high school.  Even though she is a couple years older than me, we got to be pretty good friends during those years, but we lost touch sometime after that.  Then about maybe 7ish years ago, my parents happened to be at the A's church for an event and my mom gave her my blog address.  So we got back in touch via the blog, which I think is pretty cool!  We've also been in touch through email, and then almost 4 years ago, their family was passing through our area on their way to a wedding, so we got a few hours to visit.  This week, I got a fun email suggesting another get-together since they were going to be only 15 minutes away from our house, for yet another wedding!!  How cool is that?  So around 5:30 pm on Saturday, they arrived and we got 3 great hours of food and fellowship with their family.  It was SO much fun!!  We even went sliding after dark, by lantern/lamp light!!

The only bad thing about these visits is they are always too short. :)  We decided sometime we need to visit each other for a whole day!!  We only live 2.5 hours apart, so really we should be able to work something out more often than every 4 years, right? :)  Anyway . . . here are some pics from our very fun evening:

This one is too far away to see it well, but this is Mrs. A and her son Jonathan in front, and Josiah is on the sled, holding onto baby Leah. :)  Soooo cute!
I didn't actually get many good pics of people sliding down, although I took a few on Mrs. A's camera--hopefully a few of them came out OK.  Most of the ones I got were of people going back up. :)  Here are Josiah and Grace A. climbing the hill.
Joe A. running back up . . . 
Josiah and Grace again
 Leah . . . who LOVES sliding!!  Isn't she adorable?!
Afterwards, everyone came in for a few more minutes of fellowship and hot chocolate!
Ruthie and Julia:
Kinda blurry, but here are Samuel (they have one too :)) and Joe:
Mrs. A. and Nick
Old friends :)
  (We haven't changed a bit since high school . . . right?!  Well, at least she hasn't!!)
I think it is funny that we both have some pink on, as well as pink socks!
The whole A. family just before they headed out

Thanks for visiting us!!!  We all had a great time and hopefully we will be able to get together again before another four years have passed. :)  

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Mrs.T said...

I am SO glad it worked out for them to visit you and that you all had so much fun! I didn't realize they were only 2.5 hours away. Not as far as I thought. It sure looks as if everyone was having a great time ... and I don't think either of you has changed much since high school except you are both even prettier than you were then!