Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A post a day--Dec. 26: Scenes from Christmas

 We had such a fun day yesterday!  Here are just a few shots from our Christmas.  Some of these were taken at home, and some at my parents' house, where we went for dinner and spent part of the afternoon.  

 a new book from a favorite series:

opening a present made by Grammie:

Julia got new beads and the kids have had fun making "people" out of them!

Each of the kids got a stuffed shield from my mom, for their sword fights. :)  Here is Josiah with his!

Sam and Jim secretly made this dollhouse for Julia.  All the kids LOVE playing with it!

new Thomas jammies!

me and my man :)

Today has been pretty relaxed.  Paying bills, surfing the web, a little cleaning up here and there (but not much :)) . . . we did take a quick trip to town, which was not exactly relaxing . . . braved the day-after-Christmas crowds, which were nearly as bad as the day-before-Christmas crowds!  I guess everyone was like us . . . checking out the clearance sales. :)  I got 4 rolls of wrapping paper and a few other little odds and ends at half price, and some coffee from Marshalls for 60% off.  We are supposed to be getting a big snowstorm starting tonight, so I'm sure the stores were extra busy because of that, too.  I'm looking forward to staying IN for the next couple of days--I should have time to get some housework done, read to the kids and play games with them, read some of my own books, plan goals for the new year . . . I love these quiet days after Christmas is over.  I love all the excitement and anticipation leading up to Christmas too, but this week on the brink of the new year is enjoyable in its own way. :)

I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas and that you stay safe and warm if you are somewhere that's getting a storm right now, or will be soon.

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