Friday, November 02, 2012

Sweet little man

Yesterday and today have been rough days.  I've been sick, achy, and just plain exhausted.  The couch and my Kindle have been my best friends. :)  But last night I had to drag myself up to change Josiah's sheets because he had wet the bed early in the morning (a very rare occurrence, thankfully!) and I just remembered I hadn't gotten that done yet, and it must be done before he went to bed.

He sleeps on the bottom bunk now (Julia has her own room!--subject for another post) and I really hate making the bottom bunk.  Almost as much as I hate making the top bunk.  As I was hurrying along, trying to get through the job so I could get the kids to bed and get back to my couch or bed, I suddenly whacked my head on the frame of the top bunk.  Hard.  And it was just the last straw.  I fell into a puddle of tears on the floor, sobbing my heart out and kicking myself for it inwardly, because I hate it when my kids see me cry.

And my sweet little man who had been playing on the bed while I was making it, immediately pipes up, "Oh, I'm sorry, Mommy!"  (As if it was his fault!)  I assured him through my tears that it was not his fault, it just really hurt, and he kept asking over and over, "Can I give you kisses, Mommy?  Do you want kisses?" as he hugged me and kissed the top of my head.  Then, "Mommy, you could ask Jesus to help it feel better!"  I was still crying, so I asked him to pray.  "What do I say?"  Me: "I don't know!  Whatever you want!"  And he so sweetly snuggled up in my arms and prayed, "Dear Jesus, please help Mommy's head feel better!"

I know I'm biased, but it was honestly one of the most precious things I've ever experienced.  I loved seeing how my four year old turned to prayer before I even thought to ask God to help me get control of my emotions.  Josiah has such a tender heart and I am so thankful.  I pray it will always be so.  I pray that God will use that tenderness and compassion somehow to bless others in the future.

Thank you, sweet Siah.  I am so blessed to be your Mommy!


1HappyWife said...

Love all your new pictures! Your kids have grown so much!!! Sweet little Josiah, those are the moments that we can give thanks during sickness :). Praying you are back to good health soon.
Looking forward to seeing what you have done for Julia's room.

Mrs. Smith said...

Oh, dear friend, I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well and are having a difficult time of it. I so hope you're feeling better today in every way. Bless Joshia's heart! I can just envision lots of Heavenly smiles and joy over that sweet prayer from your precious little guy! Hugs to you! You will be in my prayers as I go about today.

I love the new pictures on your blog!

Nikki said...

He is so SWEET. :) That was absolutely precious. Sorry to hear about you being sick and then bumping your head . That really hurts. Thankfully my kids that sleep on bunks are all big enough to make their own beds now!!!
I hope that you are feeling better today. I love when you update. Your kids pictures on the sidebar are adorable!!!