Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book Review: Against the Tide

Lydia Pallas is alone in the world, but she has carved out a good life for herself.  Because of her bilingual background, as well as the fact that she is quick to pick up other languages, she is a valuable asset to the US Navy as she translates documents.  Her whole life is as neat and orderly as her desk at work--everything arranged just so--until Alexander Banebridge enters it.  In need of extra money to keep her cherished apartment, Lydia takes on extra translation work for the mysterious "Bane," and in so doing, unknowingly brings an end to her predictable life.  She is thrown headlong into a world of danger and a fight against the opium trade, and it isn't long before she realizes that she has also lost her heart to Bane.  But he is unwilling to risk bringing a woman into his dangerous life, and Lydia doesn't share his faith.  And there is also her reluctance to admit her dependence on a certain little blue bottle . . .

Things really get interesting when Lydia ends up losing her apartment, and taking on a translation job for the Professor who controls a large opium smuggling operation.  Will she be able to rescue the two young boys who are held captive in the Professor's remote Vermont mansion?  And will Bane be able to rescue her?  Most of all, is there hope for Lydia and Bane to find happiness together and have the chance for a normal life someday?

I loved this book.  In fact, Against the Tide is probably one of my top favorite fiction reads from this year.  I discovered author Elizabeth Camden earlier this year when I reviewed her book The Rose of Winslow Street.  Later, I had the opportunity to read The Lady of Bolton Hill, which I enjoyed just as much.  So when I had the chance to request Against the Tide, I was so excited . . . especially when I realized that Bane, who first appeared in The Lady of Bolton Hill, was a main character in this novel.  It was interesting to read a continuation of his story.  Throughout the book, I kept hoping that he and Lydia would get their happy ending, in spite of the odds against them.  I also liked how the author followed Lydia's journey to faith.  Camden's books aren't as clear in presenting the Gospel as I would like, but I appreciate the spiritual truths that are woven throughout.

As an added bonus, the cover of this book was absolutely beautiful.  I am a sucker for beautiful covers, and all of Camden's books have them. :)

Against the Tide was a very satisfying read, well-researched (as all Camden's novels are), and beautifully written.  I highly recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys historical romance and suspense.  5 out of 5 stars.

**I received a free review copy of this book from Bethany House.  I was not required to give a positive review, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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