Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Robins, Day 14

Well, sorry I kind of fell off the face of the blogging world this week!! Things got busy and I never had a chance to wrap up the robin story.

Last Friday was Day 14 and all four babies were still in the nest. I love how two of them were looking up at me in this picture!
I got to see the mother feeding them again, but didn't get a good picture of that. But I was happy to at least get a few pictures where all four babies were fairly visible.
By Saturday morning when I went outside to check on them, the nest was empty! They must have flown away early. I thought I could hear one of them chirping from a tree nearby for a while, but he must have been well hidden in the branches because I never saw him.

So ends the robin family saga for this summer . . . unless they raise a second family in the same nest later on. Thanks for following along with me!

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Mrs. Smith said...

Hey dear friend! I have so enjoyed your little robin family! I sure am glad us humans don't have an empty nest so quickly!