Monday, May 07, 2012

Weekly Goals: 05/07/12

Weekly goals time again! (And I've been on a blogging spree! Have you noticed? :)) Here's how I did last week:
  • Drink 3 bottles of water, 5-6 days--Nope, I flopped on this one this week!
  • Blog at least 3 times (hopefully more--I have a lot to catch up on!)--DONE!
  • Order birthday presents for Jim--DONE!
  • Pay some bills--No, didn't get this done.
  • Make piano schedule for church for this month--DONE!
  • Plan 2 weeks of menus/grocery shop--I'm going to say this is half done. I did plan menus, but only 1 week's worth, and I did grocery shop.
  • Get together with friends--DONE!
  • Set new goals for May--DONE!
  • Spring clean: laundry room--No, haven't started this yet.
  • Complete week 34 of school--DONE!
  • Do something creative--No, didn't get any creative/crafty stuff done this week.
  • Finish reading The Mission of Motherhood--DONE!
And here are my new goals for this week:
  • Drink 3 bottles of water 5-6 days
  • Make daily quiet time a priority
  • Deep clean laundry room
  • Lose a little weight
  • Pay bills
  • Finish week 35 of school (yes, we're almost DONE!)
  • Blog 3 times
  • Update blog header (I just realized that winter one is a little outdated!)
  • Exercise 3-5 times
  • Do something creative
  • Write a note to a friend
  • Celebrate Jim's birthday (Friday)


Mrs. Smith said...

Great job, dear friend! I love your motivation!

1HappyWife said...

When are you planning to be finished school? We should have been done the last week of April but we took to many days off here and there :(. It is sooooooooo beautiful outside now but thankfully all the kids have a goal to get done in the next couple weeks. I enjoy reading your goals and seeing what you get done.