Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring clean with me: Week 2--Extra room

Okay, I'm a couple days later getting this posted than I planned. Sorry about that! I am not sure if I'll be able to get a whole room cleaned this week or not, since we are pushing to finish up school and we have some other things planned. But I'm going to do my best! And I picked an easy room to tackle--our "extra room." This is actually the other part of the laundry room; it is another catch-all for us! (I have a lot of those. :)) As you can see, the majority of this room is currently taken up with 2 large pieces of exercise equipment (which do get used fairly often, by the way! :)).
But it also has a bunch of other odds and ends, and likely some stuff that just needs to be thrown away. As part of my deep-clean, I would also like to sort through the plastic drawers unit in the back lefthand corner. Anyway, my "after" picture probably will not look all that much different from the "before" picture, just because this is such a small room and it's hard to make it look much better with those big machines in there. But hopefully a little progress will be made! :) (And hopefully I can find a nice little spot in here for that pesky vacuum!!)

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Mrs. Smith said...

Carrie, you motivated me. We got our bedroom closet cleaned out. That is what I wanted for Mother's Day - help with that project so that is what we did part of the day.

Isn't it difficult to find a place for exercise equipment? Our treadmill is in our bathroom right now!