Saturday, May 12, 2012

Laundry room before and after!

So, I finished spring cleaning my laundry room and I am so excited about how much better it looks!!!!!! Looking back at this "before" picture, it is extremely embarrassing:
But just LOOK at this "after" picture!!!!
And you know what made this beautiful clean room possible? This:
That's right. I had told Jim that I thought a cabinet would solve a lot of my laundry woes, and there was just enough space for one beside the dryer. On Tuesday (I think) I drew up a plan of what I wanted this cabinet to look like, then gave it to Jim when he got home, with the not-so-subtle hint that it would make a great Mother's Day present. I didn't expect him to get to it right away, but he went right to work and finished it the same night! He used up some wood from an old TV cabinet that we had taken apart when he got a better one from work. I love how much stuff I can fit in here, and how it frees up the washer and dryer and makes everything look so neat and uncluttered.

I also wanted to dress up the room a little bit, so I printed out this cute sign from Tattered and Inked, and framed it with a dollar store frame. Then I printed out one of these labels (in spite of the fact that my detergent is not made from soap nuts ;)) and used some scrapbook paper to pretty up my homemade detergent container (which is an old coconut oil jar). I thought it came out so cute! Now the only thing I need to complete this room is some window trim and door trim, and maybe a little baseboard . . . hint hint, honey?! ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about my next room to spring clean!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Carrie! What a difference! Jim did a great job on the cabinet, and what a nice mother's day treat! You did a great job organizing everything, and the little signs you printed off are so cute! I bet you're encouraged every time you walk in there. I love improvements like that! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing! Happy Mother's Day!

Nikki said...

Hi Carrie,
I just had a really long comment telling you how wonderful your laundry room looks. I love your shelving. I really want one like that for shoes.:)How handy that your hubby whipped that up for you so fast. I really think shelving and closets are the way to go!!!I will not EVER put up before pictures of any of my rooms before I clean them....but I will say I have been cleaning out my upstairs today and I actually paid my middle girls one dollar each to bring me a FULL trash bag from their room. They were not allowed to throw away anything that did not belong to them and they filled the bag. I did not even check to see what went in it. Pathetic....yes.!!!

Mrs.T said...

So nice, Carrie! As we discussed, there is very little hope for my basement laundry area. But yours is lovely. I'm looking forward to maybe joining in on the next challenge!

Oh, and I think that sign about the most memorable days making for the dirtiest clothes might have been written by a logger's wife! The bigger the breakdown, the more oil, grease and dirt on the clothes...

1HappyWife said...

Beautiful!I love organization :) and the before/afters are so encouraging! I LOVE the sign you printed ... need to check that out as it is perfect for the laundry room :) and we spend a lot of time there :).