Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Robins, Day 5

The babies are filling up the nest a little more today, and I also see some tiny feathers starting to form on their wings. Very cool! Eyes are still closed, but looking a little less "alien-like." :)
I'm pretty sure the one on the right side of this photo, who is kinda lying on top of the others, was the last one hatched, as he looks a little less "advanced" than the other three.

They are still sleeping a lot! I think I saw one of them yawning a couple of times today. Or at least that's what it looked like. :)
We spend quite a bit of time doing this, off and on, each day. To be completely honest, I think I spend more time doing this than the kids! :) (And as a side note--this is Josiah. Can you believe how big my "baby" is getting these days?!!)
Looking forward to seeing what new changes tomorrow brings in the nest!

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Mrs. Smith said...

Josiah? Glad you told us, I thought it was a picture of Sam! Goodness he is growing up fast!